Business presentation workshops

Why participants appreciate this workshop

The business presentation workshop, Present With Intent, gets universally high marks from both new and seasoned presenters. Present with Intent offers a different approach. Other training of this kind emphasizes technique and focuses the speaker inward on their own performance. Present With Intent teaches speakers to shift the focus away from themselves, and onto the audience: “Are they getting it?” “Let’s make this memorable for them.” “I will make them feel as though they are being ‘taken care of.’”

Group sessions, 1-on-1, or tailored engagements

The Present with Intent seminar has developed over a period of 25 years, and has been conducted internationally both in North America and in Europe. We offer workshops that tackle the most critical factors in presentation training, and we can also customize workshops to meet your unique needs or the needs of your business. We are based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, but we are more than happy to come to your location.

Positive, constructive workshop methods

The mood of the session is consistently kept encouraging, upbeat, respectful, objective and most importantly, fun. While providing important techniques, one of our most important goals is to show our clients how to fully enjoy giving a presentation. This approach alone provides a great value for participants, many of whom do not associate presenting with positive emotions before they go through Present With Intent.