Business presentation workshops

Why participants appreciate this workshop

The Business Presentation Workshop gets consistently high marks from both new and seasoned presenters. The reason? Present with Intent offers a different approach. While most training of this kind focuses on the feelings of the presenter, “How am I doing?” “Do they like me?” “Will my boss be proud of me?” Present With Intent teaches effective technique with the primary focus on the audience: “Are they getting it?” “Let’s make this memorable for them.” “I will make them feel as though they are being ‘taken care of.’”

Group sessions, 1-on-1, or whatever you need

The Present with Intent seminar has developed over a period of almost 15 years, and it has been conducted internationally both in North America and in Europe. We offer workshops that tackle the most critical factors in presentation training, but we also can customize a workshop to meet your unique needs or the needs of your business. And while we are based in Austin, Texas, we are more than happy to come to your location.

Positive, constructive workshop methods

The mood of the session is consistently kept encouraging, upbeat, respectful, objective and fun. It’s aimed at getting good work out of each participant, using all of the resources and techniques known to be effective, while completely avoiding negative and nervousness-compounding styles of building new behaviors.