Selling Skills Workshop

Improve selling skills through Strategic Listening

Many selling professionals claim that success lies in thoroughly telling their story and the story of their product. This approach focuses on the salesperson and what they know. Strategic Listening turns this approach on its head, focusing on the prospect, and what he or she knows. The prospect will tell you exactly how to sell to them if you can listen.

Why won’t they listen to me?

Have you ever been in a position of being face-to-face with a salesperson who was going on about their product, and thought, “I just wish this salesperson would listen to me!” The Strategic Listening Workshop teaches the wisdom and technique of compiling the customer’s wants, needs, and feelings to create a proposal that precisely covers the prospect’s requirements. You’ll find that you are completely comfortable with using tools such as probing strategically, discovering motivation, overcoming objections and developing winning proposals.

Selling skills you can apply now

Like its sister product, “Present With Intent,” “Strategic Listening” develops technical tools and skills you can apply immediately, but then it transcends those skills to focus on the needs of the audience; in this case, the prospect.